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Anpan is an independent brand of domestic climbing equipment that has grown up with the country's implementation of reform and opening up. The Anpan brand has witnessed the domestic climbing equipment brand from scratch until it occupies half of the country, and has developed an independent brand of climbing equipment in my country. The product innovation of the Ampan brand has gone through from the "small holding" of general traditional climbing equipment to the "big acquisition" of a series of brands. Although it has gone through hardships, it is also willing to persevere; aiming at the international high-end, fashionable and creative product demand, Ampan is the From participating in the drafting of national standards, to passing the national product mandatory 3C certification, EU CE certification, mountaineering association certification, to the industry voice and market control, it is more reflected in the core competitiveness of the market and brand return rate , which is where the confidence of the Amphan brand lies.



Over the years, the brand effect of Anpan has been greatly expanded and improved through the promotion and service of self-platform, online, offline, e-commerce platforms, exhibitions, networks, and event media; the latest research and development of electric lifts, automatic A series of products such as descending protectors and zipline pulleys have been launched in the market one after another, filling the blank of domestic climbing and rescue equipment, reflecting the innovation level and strength of the Ampan brand.


       The reason why the Anpan brand has a wide audience and influence in the industry brand is due to the benefits of the reform and opening up, and it is also the memory of growth as a domestic independent brand. Therefore, we will adhere to the original intention and work hard to move forward!

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